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Tony Grinberg



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Dear Roman, dear Tony!
I know you since the beginning of your musical career.You are thoroughbred musicians, authentic klezmorim. What I like is your versatility and your spontaneity. One can feel your addiction to jewish music with every drumbeat. I enjoy every single time I have the opportunity to sing with you. Yours, Pauli.

Paul Chaim Eisenberg
Chief Rabbi , Vienna

I lived to see you on many events. You always made a simcha out of every performance. For us chassidim you are the No. 1.
Isaak Niasov
Chief Rabbi of the sephard. Jews, Vienna
Dear Frejlech!
When I think about jewish music, your band always comes to my mind. You understand to captivate your audience into the jewish culture, rich in traditions, with only your charme, esprit and unlimited emotions. Stay on this track!
Gitta Junger
Aktuelle Kultur, ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation)-Austria 1
I have been looking back on many years of successful co-oparation with you. Apart from your high artistic qualities, I experienced you as very competent and careful partners regarding the active participation and organization of the many jewish concerts and festivals in Vienna. I am looking forward to many more common successes.

Georg Haber
Jewish Museum of the City of Vienna

Schulem, your frejleche Klezmorim!
You really take the word "frejlech" seriously. You open the hearts of all the people with your happiness, esprit and your delight in music. You strenthen the bridge of understanding between jewish and non-jewish people. Good luck!

Prof. Kurt Rosenkranz
Jewish Institute for Adult Education, Vienna

Hi Guys!
Not only "Wenn der Rebbe t..., schockeln sich die Went" (when the rabbi dances, the walls begin to shake) - when Frejlech start to play, the walls shiver. Bei mir seid ihr schejn!

Martha Butbul
Jazz Gitti

The book of books says: "Hinej ma tov u ma naim, schewet achim gam jachad." (how beautiful is to have a brotherly get-together). I also feel that way, when I join your performances, in the audience as well as on stage. Nor ojf Simches!

Shmuel Barzilai
Chief cantor of the Central Synagogue Vienna

Dear Frejlechs!
Not only you are the only ones making jewish music in such a high qulality (withal with Tam and Sejchel) public in Austria. You also are the best. Maybe because you are the only ones. But you are unique, as everyone who tries similar, very soon cedes of your musicality, professionality, your charisma and your charme. And thus there is only one band FREJLECH. Which is a great pity, as Europe could do with much more of you!
Sandra Kreisler
Singer, Actress
Dear Frejlechs!
The task of the "Jewish Welcome Service" is to show Vienna to all interested people and to accompany throughout this cultural experiance. You too took responsibility with your work to give interested people an understanding to jewish music. And you do a great job. Everyone feels welcome at your concerts.

Leon Zelmann
Jewish Welcome Service, Vienna

Helly my friends!
One must envy Vienna for one thing: the band Frejlech. I got to know you several years ago, your music and our stage performance then impressed me very much. Since that time I am your true fan. I recommended you many times to friends and I will continue doing so with a clear conscience. Best regards to Vienna.

Dr. Hanna Sperling
Chairwoman of the jewish national association Westfallen

Dear Mr. Grinberg,
your performance was the best way for our community to bring joy and rememberings to our Yiddish spoken people. But for the non Yiddish spoken, the chance to feel the deep jewish humor and way of being.
Defenetly a Great show, and for sure the best present a son can give to his parents. 
A show, that to the ones grown on the past generation can bring back on time with the best rememberings of a unique time lived. Thanks again for all.

Abraham Borgman
jewish community of Caracas, Venezuela










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